Westfield Shopping Centre Doncaster

/ Melbourne Awning Centre Retractable Roof Systems

An effective solution to ensure maximum use of outdoor dining spaces

Working with the team at Scentre Group Construction, Melbourne Awning Centre put on one of their biggest projects of 2016 at Westfield Doncaster Shopping Centre.

We installed six retractable roof systems as part of the Centre’s façade redevelopment. The six systems – in varying dimensions to accommodate the angle of the building (the trickiest part of the project!) – provide two restaurants, Mozzarella Bar and Gyoza Gyoza, coverage over their outdoor dining spaces, allowing them to use the areas in all types of weather without impacting on their patrons’ comfort. Trapezoidal fabric was used to allow for side-water drainage, to accommodate the flat installation.

External blinds were also installed around the perimeter of the roof system structures, to provide even greater protection from the sun. Tungsten Electric Heaters from Bromic were also installed around the perimeter of the structures in each tenancy to provide heating during the winter months.

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