Roof Top Cinema - Curtain House, Melbourne

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Rooftop Cinema - Curtain House

A combination of retractable systems transforming a roof top area into useable space.

Melbourne's original Rooftop bar and cinema was an absolute must in summer and attracted locals and tourists alike with its stunning location and views, and cool vibe. The only limitation was our lovely unpredictable Melbourne weather. If it could be made a little more 'weather-proof' then more people could enjoy it more of the time, and of course, patronage would go up. 

Working as part of a revamp with Schiavello Construction, our experienced team incorporated multiple all-weather retractable roof systems into the design. As this venue is on the 7th level of the building, there were logistical and engineering challenges to be overcome but luckily we've completed many jobs in high or awkward spaces. In addition, we integrated lighting and heating into the retractable roof structures as part of our scope of works to enhance the space for evenings and give it a warmer feel.  

We're proud to be part of the team that has transformed the rooftop of the Iconic curtain house on level 7 into an all-year-round venue for all of Melbourne to enjoy. 

We are specialists in the retractable roofing industry and enjoy the challenge of working on difficult installations and at height. There is great satisfaction in making a unique venue even better and having clients who are absolutely delighted with our work, and patrons who will get to enjoy it for many years to come.  If you have a space that is many floors up, or in an unusual location, give us a call and we can help you visualise a solution that works. 

 Client: Schiavello Construction 

Location: Melbourne Victoria 

System:  Multiple All Weather Retractable Roof Systems

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