Private Residence, Camberwell

Melbourne Awning Centre Retractable Roof Systems

A brilliant solution to transform your deck into an all-weather area

The wooden structure of this 5mx4m MAC retractable roof system perfectly compliments the colour scheme and overall design of this home in Camberwell. The dark red tone of the hardwood timber that clads the aluminium posts and tracks links the system to the red brickwork of the house, while the cream fabric ties in with the render, allowing the structure to seamlessly fit into the space.

For this project, we used side-fall drainage, where spaces are installed on either on each or alternating fabric bars to create a ‘dip’ in the fabric allowing rainwater to run off to the chosen side. This option negates the requirement of a cross beam along the front to provide a guttering solution. Using this trapezoidal fabric style also allows the roof system structure to be flat, making it ideal for installations that have less height to work with as the angle required for typical drainage is removed.

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