DEPI Centre, Attwood

/ Melbourne Awning Centre Retractable Roof Systems

A pop of colour in the bush

A chance to use a coloured fabric came about when Melbourne Awning Centre was commissioned to supply and install a retractable roof system for the staff outdoor area at the Department of Environment and Primary Industries (DEPI)’s centre in Attwood.

Carrying on with the yellow colour scheme that can be seen throughout the building’s interior, we used a bright yellow gold fabric from the LAC 650 range (which is waterproof, flame retardant, and can block out up to 74% of the sun’s UV) on the MAC retractable roof systems we installed, the fabric providing a pop of colour in the bush surrounds of the centre. Installing a retractable roof system means that the area can be used all-year round, regardless of the weather.

Both systems were sized 6.5m x 7.6m, and were installed end-to-end with the fabric retracting outwards from the centre in a break from our typical side-by-side installation method. Having the systems installed in this way creates a luxurious feeling when sitting underneath and the roof opens to reveal the sky and surrounds.

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