Campari House, Melbourne

/ Melbourne Awning Centre Retractable Roof Systems

Providing all-weather protection to allow all-year use of a roof-top bar

Melbourne Awning Centre was approached by the team at Campari House, located on Hardware Lane in Melbourne’s CBD, to provide an all-weather solution for the restaurant’s roof top bar.

After consultations with the owners, builders and designers, we settled on two of our MAC retractable roof systems to cover the roof top’s 108 square metres. Using two systems in equal size allows the option of only covering part of the roof top (on occasions, for example, where the harsh summer sun is hitting one side of the area but not the other).

Our retractable roof system range was the perfect solution for the Campari House roof top bar, as the precontraint fabric used on these structures is completely waterproof and, depending on colour selection, can reflect up to 80% of the solar radiation (UV) when in use; meaning that the system can be used in all types of weather, with no impact on the integrity of the system or on the comfort of the people underneath!

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