MAC Retractable Sunroof Systems / Retro Fitted


The MAC Retractable Sunroof Systems utilise the latest in technology to provide the ultimate in automated sun control for pergolas and conservatories.

Patented drive mechanism ensures maximum widths and projections are easily achieved without compromising screen tension or performance during operation.

The M.A.C Retractable Sunroof System is a fully integrated intermediate bar that intelligently provides support to fabric when being used in higher wind speeds.

All components are manufactured from non corrosive materials and applied with long lasting finishes, ensuring the M.A.C Retractable Sunroof systems will last in even the harshest conditions.

Automatic options utilising wireless radio technology are available including sun and wind sensors which can be integrated into your system to provide ultimate flexibility.

Designed and engineered and manufactured in Germany, certified ISO 9001 and safety tested by German TUV product service.

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