Supa-Track Retractable Roof System


The Supa-Track Retractable Roof System delivers unmatched post free spans for larger commercial and residential applications.

The Supa-Track Retractable Roof offers unmatched post free coverage for larger alfresco spaces. Up to 9 metres protection can be achieved without additional structural posts or supports. Designed and engineered to withstand windspeeds are about to 90 km/h with a maximum width of 10 metres and projection of 9 metres (maximum 90sqm) in one continuous waterproof membrane.

Supa-Track Retractable Roof system provides complete inbuilt design flexibility, functionality and safety. It is specifically designed to integrate easily with existing building surrounds or be configured as a stand alone structure. Integrated options include heating, guttering and lighting.

Designed and engineered to last, Supa-Track Retractable Roof Systems are European in design and assembled to your specific installation requirements in Australia. The unique manufacturing process has been developed through Viva Sunscreens quality culture which permeates every aspect of our business, from design through to installation.

Other Information
Additional Specifications of the product is also available upon request including framing details, wind load charts and Fire rating certification. Please contact our specialist consultants to ensure you receive the best possible information for your specific project.

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