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We have strengthend our commitment to sustainability.

We have sourced suppliers who promote continuous improvement to their environmental performance though their manufacturing process. It is important to us that our products are manufactured using environmental principles, where possible as follow:

  • Choose low impact materials where possible
  • Use manufacturing techniques that require less energy to produce
  • Build longer lasting quality products that need to be replaced less frequently, reducing the impact of producing replacements
 How Exterior Blinds and Awnings can help

Exterior shading is a part of the solution in the fight against excessive air conditioning or heater use. Very healthy and green indeed!

Solar shading and screening is a proven method of significantly reducing, and in many cases, eliminating solar heat gain. It effectively forms a barrier between the sun and the glass without reducing light into the building and vision out of the building for the occupants. By forming this barrier, the sun does not reach the glass and intern create solar heat gained within.

When an external solar blind is employed in front of the window it blocks a large portion of the incoming short wave radiation as the majority of the sun’s energy is either reflected, in the case of lighter colour fabrics or absorbed by the material in darker colours.

In the winter months external blinds capture the solar  heat gain, storing it in thermal mass, retaining it through insulation and transmitting it back into the building as needed.

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